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Every time you ride, you are either teaching or un-teaching your horse.

- Gordon Wright

      Compared to dramatically leaping over elaborate obstacles during a speed class or jump-off round... riding a simple dressage pattern may seem somewhat lacking in the adrenaline department.  However, dressage is all about strengthening yourself and your horse on the flat.  It's about refining the connection between horse and rider, learning to use your entire body to apply signals with surgical precision.  In essence, dressage is about achieving the highest degree of communication between horse and human.  Furthermore, dressage exercises strengthen the muscle groups used in jumping making the horse a more complete, well-rounded athlete.  It is the best form of cross-training for horse and rider. 

     Having a horse that is solid on the flat is key to a successful jumping round, and could be the difference between placing in the ribbons or not.  There is absolutely no better way to strengthen and improve your jumping than to practice the fundamentals of dressage.

     Here at Equine Haven we believe that all jumpers must work towards a solid foundation on the flat to succeed in the show ring.  Competitive hunter and jumper riders are recommended to take one private flat lesson a week in addition to their group jumping lesson.  For those riders that cannot afford 2 lessons a week, our jumping lessons have a set amount of flat time at the start of every session.  Riders that choose to take a private flat lesson every week will be grouped together for jumping and the period of flat work, outside a normal warm-up, will be omitted.  Those riders wishing to specialize exclusively in dressage are welcome as well and will be given a training program tailored to that end.  We also offer western dressage and pleasure, barrel racing, and general English lessons as well.  Whether you're a competitive rider or not, everyone is welcome.


Youth & Beginners Welcome!

COMING SOON - 10 Week Intro to Riding Program

We are very excited to welcome former Grand Prix rider Kip Jones into the Equine Haven family as an on-site trainer!

  • Kip will be taking on a limited number of regular hunter/jumper students to develop through his unique training program.
  • Kip will be offering workshops out of our facility for anyone interested in schooling with him. Haul ins welcome.  Please inquire for pricing and to book a session with Kip.
  • Kip will also be adding workshops into our lesson program's once a month to help our students develop into skilled riders and prepare them to enter the show rings.

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Private Lesson - $65.00/lesson*

Group Lesson  - $210/month (4 lessons)** 

*gst included

**gst included, months with a 5th week are for make-up lessons


Sadie Turko - Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Working Equitation, and Western (pleasure & dressage)

Kip Jones - Hunter/Jumper (Please inquire for pricing)

Jessica McMorran - English, Western and Barrel Racing

For more information on our coaches visit our ABOUT US page.